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What's Morzino?

Morzino is an open eLearning platform for students, parents, teachers, classes and schools.

  • Collaborative eLearning community
  • Free eLearning apps
  • Creative production tools
  • Learning process management

Social Network

Join the learning community, stay in touch with your friends and meet new people. Share your knowledge and help each other.

e-learning Apps

Learn and practice using the free e-learning apps on Morzino.

Creative Tools

Write texts and publish your works on Morzino or on any other website.

Create your own online courses or tutorials.

Manage your own virtual classroom with students all over the world.

eLearning community

for students, parents and teachers

  • Students learn, practice, read, write, share, contribute and communicate
  • Parents help their children to learn, to practice and to do better in school
  • Teachers create open, differentiated and innovative learning environments
  • Schools & classes communicate, collaborate, manage & share knowledge

Social eLearning Network

Become part for the next generation eLearning community where everyone can learn and everybody can teach.

Find other people interested in eLearning and education. Communicate and share your knowledge.

Connect to friends, meet new and interesting people, create groups and help each other to learn and to acquire new knowledge.

Learn online

Practice online and to expand your knowledge using free eLearning apps, anywhere and anytime.

Generate individualized worksheets and help students to focus on their real needs and allow to create a differentiated learning environment.

Create and publish your own apps on Morzino and make them available to the entire community.

Create, publish & get feedback

Write texts, manage your images, publish & share your work and knowledge.

Collect your work in your personal portfolio. Publish your preferred work on Morzino or on any other website.

Get feedback or help by other users, cooperate, contribute and collaborate.

Join or create virtual classrooms

Join or create as many virtual classrooms as desired. Be a student in one class while you're a teacher in another room.

Organise online courses, create work groups or meet people working on similar tasks or sharing the same interests.

School classes can use a virtual classroom to manage their work tasks, their text and image collections as well as to publish and share their works and knowledge on the web.

Use Morzino in your class

Morzino is a great tool for students, teachers, classes and schools. Create open and innovative learning environments while reducing the administrative workload.

Create a differentiated learning environment using free eLearning apps and offer a great variety of customized & adapted tasks.

Manage your class, texts, documents and important tasks using the virtual classroom technology.

Manage and track writing processes and publish works created within your class.

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