New images coming soon...

April 06, 2021
by jos

We just finished drawing the next set of 500+ images for the platform. Next step will be inking/outlining, scanning, and then colouring, so this will take some more time... The final images will become available under a free license so that they can be reused without limitations.

Enhanced upload tool

March 01, 2021
by jos

Today we introduced a new version of our upload tool that is being used in the Website Manager and the Online Project Manager apps.

The new upload tool allows to instantly save a file into a default upload location, and the selected file will then automatically be added to a paragraph.

Uploading and adding single files to websites and projects should thus become much faster and easier now.

Enjoy the update

Your Morzino Team

New Creative Apps

November 15, 2020
by jos

We just added a new "Art & Creativity" section featuring five new creative apps named "Sketch Art", "Color Mixer", "Mandala", "8 Bit", and "Guitar Fretboard".

Enjoy the update!

Your Morzino Team

Have a good start to the new school year!

September 15, 2020
by jos

The Morzino team wishes all students, parents and teachers a good start to the new school year!

Over the summer holidays, we have made many further improvements to the platform, which will make homeschooling easier in the future as well.

The platform interface has also been completely redesigned to make the site even more user-friendly.

Wishing you a lot of fun with the platform

Your Morzino team

Enjoy the holidays!

July 16, 2020
by jos

The Morzino Team wishes students, parents, and teachers happy and relaxing holidays!

This school year has certainly been exceptional, and there has never been so much traffic on the platform as in the last few months. Since March, we have been trying to bring new features online as quickly as possible, features that could make homeschooling easier and more efficient; and we are glad we were able to help so many people.

During the holiday season, we will continue to implement a number of suggestions that we have received during the past few months, so that the platform will be ready for the upcoming school year, offering new tools, features, and improvements.

Enjoy your holidays!

The Morzino Team

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